31 11 506Lowering/raising front axle support (AWD)

Special tools required:


Danger to life!

Secure engine in installation position to prevent it from falling down.

N47: Danger of short-circuiting at starter motor!


Before installing the front axle support, make sure there is zinc foil (1) present on middle attachment point (2).

Replace damaged zinc foil (1).

Do not stick over zinc foil (1).

Necessary preliminary tasks:

If necessary, position special tool   00 2 040 with 2nd person helping on workshop jack .

Insert special tool  31 4 070 into corresponding receptacles 1 and 2 of special tool   00 2 040 .

Insert special tool  31 4 060 with marking 1 into receptacle 4 of special tool  00 2 040 .

Insert special tool  31 4 060 with marking 2 into receptacle 3 of special tool  00 2 040 .


Risk of injury!

Failure to comply with the following instructions may result in the vehicle slipping off the vehicle hoist and critically injuring other persons.


When supporting components, make sure that

  • vehicle can no longer be raised or lowered
  • vehicle does not lift off locating plates on vehicle hoist

Align special tool   00 2 040 to front axle support.

If necessary, lower special tool 33 3 274.

Support front axle support by raising special tool   00 2 040 .


Make sure when raising that the special tools  31 4 070 and  31 4 060 are correctly inserted in the front and rear recesses of the front axle support.



This bracket is only installed on the left side.


Release screws (1).

Tightening torque  31 10 13AZ .


Pay attention to hydraulic steering hoses and lines when lowering and raising. Hoses/lines must not be kinked/tensioned/bent!

When lowering and raising, make sure the cover for the relevant trailing link rubber mount is free to move.

Release screws (1, 2).Installation:

Check threads for damage; if necessary, repair with Helicoil thread inserts .

Tighten down screws (1) and then screws (2).

Tightening torque  31 10 1AZ .


Risk of damage!

The following work must be carried out during lowering:

  • N54 With automatic transmission: Release screws (1) and remove bracket (2) for transmission oil cooler lines from front axle support

Lower front axle carrier until hydraulic steering gear rests on output shaft.
After installation:
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