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A vehicle battery is constructed for the installation location and the individual power requirements of the particular vehicle. These individual power requirements depend on the motorisation and different types of optional equipment. The individually assigned vehicle battery is the ideal compromise between the power requirements of the vehicle electrical system and the weight and service life of the vehicle battery.

If the vehicle electrical system of electric vehicles is not accessible due to a faulty 12 V battery, proceed as follows:

Battery exchange in electrified vehicles

Vehicles with the automatic engine start-stop function or particular engine types and optional equipment are equipped with a special vehicle battery (AGM battery), since only this battery type can provide elevated power requirements over the extended service life. Installing a different vehicle battery can cause problems with vehicle electronics, can reduce functions or can cause leakage of battery acid.

In the event of an accident where the airbags are deployed in vehicles with a vehicle battery in the luggage compartment, the electrical connection between the vehicle battery and the trigger is automatically disconnected through pyrotechnics. This prevents possible short-circuiting.

Proper operation of all of these safety and convenience functions requires a battery that conforms with specifications and that is properly registered in vehicles with energy management systems (IBS, power module).

Vehicles with energy management systems (IBS, power module): Register battery exchange.

The vehicle electrical system is informed about the vehicle battery characteristic data, such as type, size, age and current power capacity. Therefore, there will always be only one work scope provided that is permitted by the current status of information.

When installing a new vehicle battery, the battery must be registered and thus must also be registered with the vehicle electrical system.

Diagnosis system:

Register battery exchange.

  • Service functions
  • Body
  • Voltage supply
  • Register battery exchange

When retrofitting, a more powerful battery may be used. Standard batteries may always be replaced by AGM batteries with the same specifications.

When installing a battery of a different size or a different battery type, this change in vehicle data must be programmed into the vehicle data in accordance with specifications.

Programming system:

  • Battery retrofitting
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