13 51 630Replacing fuel pressure regulator (M62, M54)


The fuel in the fuel lines is under pressure (approx. 3 to 5 bar)!

Fuel emerges from the fuel filter when the fuel pressure regulator is removed.

Catch and dispose of escaping fuel.

Observe country-specific waste-disposal regulations.

Removing fuel tank underbody protection on left:

Release metal screws (1).

Release screws (2).

Release screws (1) on wheel arch trim, rear left.

Bend wheel arch trim open.

Release screw (1).

Release screws (1).

Release screws (1) and (2).

Release nuts (3).

Lower fuel tank underbody protection (1) only until access to fuel filter/pressure regulator is unhindered.

Check routing of handbrake cable on tank.

If necessary, clip handbrake cable into holders on tank.


Fuel pressure regulator is integrated in fuel filter.

Disconnect vacuum hose.

Pull out locking bracket (1) in direction of arrow.

Remove fuel pressure regulator (2).


Replace O-rings on fuel pressure regulator (1).

To aid installation, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to O-rings (1).

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