23 41 005Removing and installing/replacing actuator (S6S 420G SMG)

Special tools required:

After completing work:
  • Proceed according to test program, see "Service functions" in the diagnosis and information system tester.
  • Read out fault memory and delete entered faults.
  • Check oil level in hydraulic system.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Remove the centre heat shield (1).

Remove the side heat shield (1).

Remove the holder for the rear underbody protection.

Release screws.Installation note:

Grip propeller shaft and release nuts.

Installation note:


Bend propeller shaft downwards at centre mount (1).

Pull off propeller shaft from transmission output flange and tie back to side on vehicle underbody.

Support the transmission with special tool 00 2 030 and 23 0 040 (23 0 041 and 23 0 042).

Loosen screws and remove cross member (1).

Installation note:


Lower the transmission until the cylinder head comes into contact with the bulkhead.

Support the engine at the front.

Installation note:

Note the position of the vibration absorber (2).

Pull off connectors (4) and (5).

Unclip the cable at the holders.

Lever out the circlip (1) with a screwdriver.

Push the circlip (1) slightly towards the front.

Drive out the locking pin (1) on the gearshift rod joint with special tool 23 0 240 .Note:

In order that the locking pin (1) can be removed:insert gearshift rod into the transmission.

Loosen the screws on the actuator.Installation note:

Release the union screws (1 to 3) of the hydraulic lines.Installation note:

Release screw (1).

Installation note:

Replace screw (1).

Release screw (2) on the actuator.

Installation note:


Remove the actuator.

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