11 33 545Removing and installing/replacing rocker arm shaft (S54)

(cylinder head removed)

(if necessary inlet or exhaust side)


It is very easy for the adjustment plates to fall down.

Raise rocker arm.


The special tool 11 4 400 is magnetic.

Remove all adjustment plates with special tool 11 4 400 and set to one side in order.

Detach spring clip (1).
Remove camshaft sensor.Installation:

Replace O-ring and screw.

Release journal screw (1).

If the rocker arm shaft cannot be removed by hand towards the front:

Open screw plug (1).Installation:

Replace sealing ring on plug (1).

Tightening torque, 11 33 2AZ.

Slide out rocker arm shaft towards front.Note:

Place fingers to one side in orderly fashion.

Worn rocker arms should only be reused at the same cam on the camshaft.


If the inlet and exhaust rocker arm shafts are mixed up: engine damage!

(1) Inlet rocker arm shaft
(2) Exhaust rocker arm shaft
(3) Groove for identifying inlet rocker arm shaft
(4) Opening for journal screw
The groove for identifying the inlet rocker arm shaft is located between the 5th and 6th cylinders.
Difference between inlet and exhaust rocker arm shafts, front.
(1) Inlet rocker arm shaft, front, open.
(2) Exhaust rocker arm shaft, front, closed.

Install rocker arm shaft and feed on rocker arm in so doing.

Align opening for journal screw precisely to cylinder head and insert journal screw (1).

Tighten down journal screw (1).

Tightening torque, 11 33 3AZ.

Align rocker arm to valve.


Spring clip (1) must snap into place over rocker arm shaft.

Install spring clip (1).


It is very easy for the adjustment plates to fall down.

Install adjustment plates for valve clearance only after cylinder head has been installed.
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