11 28 010Replacing alternator drive belt (M47)

Special tools required:

Note:If the drive belt is then reused:
  • Mark direction of travel
  • Reinstall drive belt in same direction of travel

E46 with manual transmission only:

Remove radiator blind.

E46 with automatic transmission and E39:

Remove fan cowl.

If necessary, remove A/C compressor drive belt.


Risk of drive belt tensioner breaking. Do not use a screwdriver.

Position external square drive of a 1/2 inch socket extension in opening in drive belt tensioner.

Belt tensioner is under spring pressure.

Carefully and slowly pretension drive belt tensioner with 1/2 inch socket extension and lock with special tool 11 3 340 .

Remove drive belt.

Check drive belt for coolant and oil residue, replace if necessary.Caution!

If contaminated with hydraulic fluid:

replace drive belt without fail.

Install drive belt as pictured.Caution!

Check correct position of drive belt in grooves of drive gears.

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