34 33 505Removing and installing / replacing the brake unit

After finishing work:

Bleed brake system.

Remove microfilter housing (1) and air duct (2).
Suck the brake fluid out of the expansion tank. For this purpose, use only a vacuum pipe that is exclusively used for removing brake fluid.

Remove supply hose (1) to clutch master cylinder.

Lift expansion tank out of master brake cylinder by tilting sideways.


Push the expansion tank vertically onto the master brake cylinder.

Loosen the screw connections of the brake lines.Note:

Seal master brake cylinder with suitable sealing plug.


Remove cover (1) from line aperture.

Remove cover (2)

Pull the vacuum hose (3) off of the brake unit.

Disconnect brake lines (1. . . 2) from their screw connections and remove.Note:

Seal brake lines with suitable sealing plug.


Remove brake light switch,

refer to 61 31 310.

Pull off retainer (1).

Unhinge the recoil spring (2).

Withdraw pin (3).

Unfasten nuts (1. . . 2).

Pull the pedal assembly slightly away from the bulkhead.


Replace self-locking nuts (1).


Do not use force when removing and installing the brake unit as otherwise the brake unit would be damaged.

Carefully pull the brake unit out of the bulkhead and swing it out.
Replace the gasket (1) if necessary.

Region (2) of the brake unit is very susceptible to damage that could lead to the breakdown of the brake unit.

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