61 31 310Replacing brake-light switch

Necessary preliminary tasks:

E38 up to 09/98:

Disconnect plug connection.

Depress brake pedal as far as possible, using pedal support if necessary.
  1. Pull tappet and sleeve forward completely.
  2. Press together clips and pull back switch.
Slowly bring brake pedal into initial position.

E38 from 09/98, E39, E52 and E53: Installation:

On E38 model series RHD cars with ACC from 04/2000 and on all cars with DSC:

A gap of 0.7 mm must be adjusted between brake pedal and brake light switch.

If this gap fails to guarantee problem-free operation, the gap must be reduced to 0.6 mm.

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Pull brake light switch (2) in direction of arrow out of brake light switch holder (3).

Press catches (4) together and unclip brake light switch holder (3) from brake pedal.


Depress brake pedal.

Slide brake light switch (2) as far as it will go into brake light switch holder (3).

Grip brake light switch holder (3), slowly return brake pedal to starting position and pull back to stop.

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