25 11 000Removing and installing shift lever

Pull shift lever knob off by hand with a sudden jerk.

Pulling-off force: approx. 400 N.

Lift and pull cover off shift lever.

Remove foam rubber cover (if fitted).

Lift off retainer (1).

Remove disk (2).

Remove selector rod (3).


Coat bearing with Klüber Polylub GLY 801 (refer to BMW Parts Service).


New retaining clips fitted as from 04.08.

Retaining clip must interlock captively with retaining web (1) behind shift rod pin.

Fit special tool 25 1 110 and rotate counterclockwise through 90°.

Press up bearing shell.

Pull rubber grommet out of body opening and remove upwards together with shift lever.
Insert rubber grommet with arrow facing forwards in driving direction.

Coat bearing shell with Polylub GLY 801 (refer to BMW Parts Service).

Insert shift lever with bearing shell.

Mount bearing shell in such a way that tabs or arrows on bearing shell point in direction of bearing pin.

Press down on bearing shell at point of retaining tabs until they are heard to engage.
Button in inner gaiter over shift arm and outer gaiter in body opening.

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